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How to sell your e-book through WordPress and WooCommerce plugin

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I have created an e-book store for client to sell his PDF file with WordPress and WooCommerce plugin. You will get many tutorials online about how to setup WooCommerce. So here I am writing about the downloads parts of PDF file.

Once you have WooCommerce plugin activated, you will want to change some of the settings to enable WooCommerce for downloads.

STEP 1 : Login to admin area > WooCommerce > Settings > Set the selling locations to Sell to all countries, Then, set your currency to what you want to be selling in.

woocommerce settings

STEP 2 : Login to admin area > WooCommerce > Products > Set the File Download Method to “Force Downloads”

WooCommerce settings

STEP 3 : As per client requirements, I installed Stripe Payment Gateway


STEP 4 : In Stripe Payment Gateway page, I updated the public key and secret key. Also added the url ( as a web hook in Stripe account settings

WooCommerce stripe gateway

STEP 5 : Login to admin area > Products > Add Products and then add title, a description of the product and a category for the product. In product data > Select Simple Product > Select downlodable. Then upload your files by clicking on the add file button and uploading your eBook file. I just marked the required fields in the below screenshot

WooCommerce stripe gateway

STEP 6 : Go through the product page and placing an order using the below details

Card number : 4242424242424242
MM/YY : 20/20
CVC : 123

STEP 7 : Login to admin area > WooCommerce > Orders > select the checkbox in order id > Mark as Completed > Click Apply

WooCommerce Stripe gateway

Then you will get an email notification in order placed email id, with a pdf download link.

I have created a video tutorial to help you understand better:

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