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How to take care of touch screen mobile phones

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1. Avoid wiping the screen with your nails. Most of us have the habit of doing this, where we scratch the screen with our nails. Touch screen is made for fingers and therefore one should always make use of them.

2.Avoid pressing the screen heavily with your fingers. The touch screen technology is sensitive to fingers and can easily detect the presence of your fingers. There is no need of pressing it heavily.

3. Keep away your touch screen phone from direct exposure under sunlight. Prolonged exposure to the sun-rays causes damage to the phone thereby disturbing a thin layer of liquid gel, which is present in the form of layer over the phone. Hence, the next time you are in your car keep it in such a place where there is no sunlight.

4.Keep a small cloth all the time with yourself to clean the screen.

5. Buy a phone cover to avoid damage when dropped.Some phones which are quiet thin make your hand feel more sensitive when you catch it and you may also drop it. You may also use a flip cover for screen protection purposes.

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