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How to add a phpinfo file in your site to check PHP information

This article describes about creating a phpinfo.php file on your site. You can use a phpinfo() page to view the current PHP information for your server such as: Information about PHP compilation options and extensions PHP version Server information and

How to upload a file using File Manager

Login to cPanel and click File Manager Choose to open Web Root and Show hidden files At the top, click Upload. Click the Browse button. Double click the file you want to upload to your site. Wait for the blue

How to rename a database in cPanel

Log in to cPanel In the “Databases” section, click on “MySQL Databases” Icon. Under “Current Databases”, You can see list of your all databases. Locate the Database and then click on “Rename” Icon. Change database name and then click on

How to Delete a Database in cPanel

Log into cPanel Click on ‘MySQL Databases‘ menu in ‘Databases section’ Find the database you want to delete in the list of “Current Databases” and click “Delete” link. In the next page, click the “Delete Database” button in confirmation page.

How to create MySQL Databases in cPanel

Create MySQL Database Click on ‘MySQL Databases‘ menu in ‘Databases section’ Under ‘Create New Database‘, enter the name of mysql database which you wish to create and then click on “Create Database” button. You have now successfully added the database.

How to create email account in cPanel

First, you need to login to cPanel and click on the Accounts icon located in the Email section. On the next page, fill out the form for new e-mail accounts. Enter the first portion of the e-mail address. Enter the

Asus launches PadFone Mini in India for Rs. 15,999

Asus has announced the PadFone Mini in India at a price of Rs. 15,999. The device was launched earlier this year in the global market. Asus PadFone mini specifications 4-inch (800×480 pixels) IPS+ display 7-inch (1280×800 pixels) IPS+ display (Padfone

Nokia Lumia 730 captures World’s largest selfie

Microsoft has attempted to break the world’s record for the ‘largest selfie’ picture. The image was taken in Bangladesh, using Microsoft’s mid-range smartphone the Lumia 730 in partnership with Coca Cola. With the wide-angle lens doing its thing, Microsoft was

Nokia N1 their first Android 5.0 tablet announced

Nokia announced their first android based tablet called the Nokia N1. It will hit the stores in Q1 next year in China, priced at approx $250. This tablet will be running on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. 8-megapixel rear

Alcatel Flash, octa-core selfie phone launched at Rs. 9,999

Alcatel launched its selfie-focused smartphone in India, the Alcatel One Touch Flash, at Rs. 9,999, the new Alcatel Flash features a 5MP front facing camera and 13MP rear camera with LED flash. The Alcatel One Touch Flash features dual-SIM support