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How To Verify Your Facebook Page or Profile ?

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What is Verified Profile or Page ?

According to this new option some pages and Profiles are claim as Official and verified by Facebook. You may observe on many profiles and pages their is Blue Color Tick Badge fb_verified just in the next of name.

Facebook only four type of pages or profiles which are

    Government Officials
    Popular Brand or Businesses

How To Get Verified ?

If your profile or any Page whose your are official representative and also based on above mention categories then their are chances of your page to get verified. Actually Facebook does not have any request form to claim verified this is totally automatic process done from Facebook side. So to become verified in future you should have to do some changes in your Profile or Page

    Your page should be official represent your local business or any personality and may be have some popularity on Facebook.

For Facebook claiming process your page or profile must have minimum details because if you add full details accurately then Facebook automatically check your provided information if they find your page or profile details accurate and helpful then verify your page here are two parts mention by Facebook to become verified

    Link To Your Profile or Page From Official Website and also link website on your page or profile.

    Provide accurate information in details about your business in About Section of Page or Profile

In About section must add significant long and short description, keyword who represent your business, Email, Website, Products and verified page location with claimed business address and other details in Page Info tab.

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