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Mail Server Setup with LDAP

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Last two days i was working on new email server setup with LDAP.
Installed OpenLDAP on local FreeBSD server, still can’t get it working with qmail or postfix.
I have to read a lot of documents qmail and postfix as i may switch to postfix.
I have some experiance with running qmail mail servers. For new email server, qmail was the inital choice, but postfix seems better option, so have downloaded and installed it few times yesterday. It works well, no path is needed like qmail. qmail need patches to work, postfix is still active developement and work with out any patch.
Now need to get any of these work with LDAP. With qmail-ldap, if user is added to LDAP, first email will create required folders. Postfix, not sure it will do this or manual creation is needed. If postfix also auto create user folder, then i will go with postfix.
Today agnel moved his web site to BizHat CMS

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