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LSI StorCLI Commands

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The LSI StorCLI is a command line tool to manage and control LSI MegaRAID controllers. In this article you will find a collection of useful commands to administer your LSI RAID controller.

First Download and Install the utility

cd /usr/local/src
cd storcli_all_os
cd Linux
rpm -ivh storcli-1.19.04-1.noarch.rpm

It will install it in /opt/MegaRAID/storcli/storcli64

Create a symlink from /opt in /usr/bin

ln -s /opt/MegaRAID/storcli/storcli64 /usr/bin/storcli

Usage Information

    /cx = Controller ID
    /vx = Virtual Drive Number.
    /ex = Enclosure ID
    /sx = Slot ID

Run the following command to get the Controller ID

storcli show

Where Ctl is the Controller ID in the sample output below.

[root@server ~]# storcli show

Status Code = 0
Status = Success
Description = None

Number of Controllers = 1
Host Name =
Operating System  = Linux3.10.0-327.22.2.el7.x86_64

System Overview :

Ctl Model                 Ports PDs DGs DNOpt VDs VNOpt BBU  sPR DS  EHS ASOs Hlth 
  0 LSIMegaRAIDSAS9260-4i     4   2   1     0   1     0 Msng On  1&2 Y      2 Opt  

Ctl=Controller Index|DGs=Drive groups|VDs=Virtual drives|Fld=Failed
PDs=Physical drives|DNOpt=DG NotOptimal|VNOpt=VD NotOptimal|Opt=Optimal
Msng=Missing|Dgd=Degraded|NdAtn=Need Attention|Unkwn=Unknown
sPR=Scheduled Patrol Read|DS=DimmerSwitch|EHS=Emergency Hot Spare
Y=Yes|N=No|ASOs=Advanced Software Options|BBU=Battery backup unit
Hlth=Health|Safe=Safe-mode boot

[root@server ~]# 

The above output says there are 2 Physical Disks, 1 Virtual Disk and 1 Drive Group.

To get the details of attached Physical Disks, run the following command.

storcli /c0 /eall /sall show

There you can see the Enclosure ID and Slot ID of each drive.

Sample Output

[root@server ~]# storcli /c0 /eall /sall show

Controller = 0
Status = Success
Description = Show Drive Information Succeeded.

Drive Information :

EID:Slt DID State DG     Size Intf Med SED PI SeSz Model        Sp 
252:0     5 Onln   0 2.728 TB SATA HDD N   N  512B ST33000650NS U  
252:1     4 Onln   0 2.728 TB SATA HDD N   N  512B ST33000650NS U  

EID-Enclosure Device ID|Slt-Slot No.|DID-Device ID|DG-DriveGroup
DHS-Dedicated Hot Spare|UGood-Unconfigured Good|GHS-Global Hotspare
UBad-Unconfigured Bad|Onln-Online|Offln-Offline|Intf-Interface
Med-Media Type|SED-Self Encryptive Drive|PI-Protection Info
SeSz-Sector Size|Sp-Spun|U-Up|D-Down|T-Transition|F-Foreign
UGUnsp-Unsupported|UGShld-UnConfigured shielded|HSPShld-Hotspare shielded
CFShld-Configured shielded|Cpybck-CopyBack|CBShld-Copyback Shielded

[root@server ~]# 

To get the details of attached Virtual Disk, run

storcli /c0 /vall show

Sample Output

[root@server ~]# storcli /c0 /vall show

Controller = 0
Status = Success
Description = None

Virtual Drives :

DG/VD TYPE  State Access Consist Cache Cac sCC     Size Name 
0/0   RAID1 Optl  RW     No      RAWBD -   ON  2.728 TB      

Cac=CacheCade|Rec=Recovery|OfLn=OffLine|Pdgd=Partially Degraded|dgrd=Degraded
Optl=Optimal|RO=Read Only|RW=Read Write|HD=Hidden|TRANS=TransportReady|B=Blocked|
Consist=ConsistentR=Read Ahead Always|NR=No Read Ahead|WB=WriteBack|
AWB=Always WriteBack|WT=WriteThrough|C=Cached IO|D=Direct IO|sCC=Scheduled
Check Consistency

[root@server ~]# 

To get all info of Controller ID = 0, run

storcli /c0 show all

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