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Repair MySQL database with mysqlcheck

mysqlcheck command can be used to check, repair, optimize or analyzes tables in a MySQL database.

To check a database for errors, run

mysqlcheck DB-NAME

If you database need user name and password, specify it with -u USER-NAME -p, for example

mysqlcheck -u USER-NAME -p DB-NAME

This will prompt for MySQL password.

if you want to auto repair any errors found during check, use –auto-repair option.

mysqlcheck --auto-repair DB-NAME

Other useful MySQL commands are mysqlrepair, mysqlanalyze, mysqloptimize. These commands are basically same, just default option changes. For example mysqlcheck use default option –check.

REPAIR TABLE tablename

To repair a table from MYSQL command prompt, you can use

REPAIR TABLE tablename;
CHECK TABLE tablename;


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