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mysqladmin is a commandline tool provided as part of MySQL. To list MySQL run time variables, run To see value of open_files_limit, use grep with mysqladmin, for example

Change MySQL Root Password

To change MySQL root Password, login to MySQL as user root. Now run

Create MySQL User

To create a MySQL user, run Allow Access to all databases If you want to allow new user to have access to all database, run Allow access from Remote Host To allow access from remote host, create user with If

ERROR 1286 (42000): Unknown storage engine ‘InnoDB’

After upgrading MySQL to MariaDB 10.0.23, i got following error This was because InnoDB was not enabled in /etc/my.cnf To enable InooDB, edit add Now restart MariaDB, on CentOS 7 server, run


mysqldump command is used to take MySQL backup. Take Backup of All databases To take backup of all Databases on a MySQL server, run Take Backup of a MySQL Database To take Backup of a MySQL Database, run

Installing MariaDB on CentOS 6

CentOS 7 come with MariaDB by default. Since many large sites like Google, Wikipedia migrating away from Oracle MySQL to MriaDB, lets use it on our new CentOS server installation. Create the file /etc/yum.repos.d/MariaDB.repo Add Now, run Search for available

MySQL Out of resources when opening file

When i take backup of a MySQL Database with large number of tables, i get following error When restoring this Database, i got similar error Solution This was caused due to open_files_limit limit. To fix, i edit /etc/my.cnf Added open_files_limit

MySQL Backup

MySQL Data Directory Backup with Rsync MySQL Out of resources when opening file

MySQL Data Directory Backup with Rsync

Lets create 2 folders. Create following file With following content. Lets generate shell scripts for weekly and monthly mysql backup from daily backup file we created above. Make them executable Set cronjob, so backup commands run daily, weekly and monthly.


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