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Nanu Android App – Make Free Calls Over 2G Networks

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Generally, we use several Android apps and iOS apps to make free calls. But the problem with these web apps are we must have 3G or 4G network connection and the app should be installed on both smartphones (the caller and the receiver). This is too much annoying for all users, and if anyone wish to make calls to normal phones then they will have to pay money.

But now, a new android app is available to solve our problem called Nanu. Nanu Android app have come up with a great solution and hopefully it will be able to win the heart of people within very short time.

What is Nanu?

Nanu is a very useful and interesting android app that allows us to make free VOIP phone calls to any normal phones (mobile and landline). One of the best features of this app is that it can easily make quality calls even on 2G networks and other congested networks too.


Voice calls made through the Nanu android app are completely free, even to those users who do not have installed Nanu app on their mobile phones. You may ask here – how they do this?

So its answer is, Nanu app offers free calls because ads pay the cost of the call you made. But don’t worry these ads are not going to disturb you anymore. The ads will appear only when the phone is ringing by the call of anyone and immediately it will stop as soon as the phone is picked up.

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