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Onam Holidays

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Last week was onam holidays in kerala. There was only one working day in last week. have now 4 PHP trainees, they have completed 1 month, may be they will be ready to take up PHP project by next month. BizHat need many more services and many of the services need to redesign, for example the classified is not good and have to completely redesign it.
Sibi is working on moving web sites to CMS. By moving sites to CMS, it is easy to manage, no ftp, text editors, saving files, etc… Everything can done through browser from anywhere. You can see a page about onam, that is from the CMS at
On saturday, we shifed to new office. This is thrid office location in Kochi. First office was in Elamkulam, then moved to Kadvanthra, now at Valanjambalam. Yesterday night, i made a Location map, you can see it at

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