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Postfix Mail Server

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I am now studying postfix mail server. Already setup postfix on and is working great with basic configuration. Now it only handle one domain name, that is real user (system accounts).
I have brought The Book of Postfix
I have read first few chapters. My plan is to make a mail server with postfix + LDAP.
Postfix seems easy to setup compared to Qmail. I have installed Postfix with out much reading. Qmail, i have to spend lot of time to get it working, mainly because it need several small scripts and two other supporting programs to get it working.
Another advantage i see over qmail is postfix is still actively developed. Qmail, you need to patch to get it working. So descided to go with postfix for my new mails server project.
I have added new forum for postfix on my qmail forum at

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