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Install ssocksd Proxy Server

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To install ssocksd proxy server, run

cd /usr/local/src
cd ssocks-master
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

To start ssocksd server, run

ssocksd --port 7070

This will run socks5 proxy server with out authentication on port 7070.

Only run with out authentication if you have firewall running, that can limit access to proxy port to authorized IPs.

Enabling Authentication

First create password file. User name and password is stored in plain text in username:password format.

echo "hostonnet:mySecurePW123" >> /etc/ssocksd.auth

Now run ssocksd with -a /etc/ssocksd.auth

ssocksd -a /etc/ssocksd.auth --port 7070

Verify socks5 proxy working with curl

boby@hon-pc-01:~$ curl -x socks5://hostonnet:[email protected]:7070

Firefox browser do not support password authenticated socks5 servers. So you will need to use a firewall to only allow access to proxy port from white listed IP addresses.

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