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Put the most important information on your homepage and secondary information only a click away. That is, don’t bury information three or four clicks from the homepage. If it has to be that far from the homepage, it isn’t important. Eliminate it.

Choose a font that’s simple and easy on the eyes.

Include a home button on every page. This way, your visitors won’t need to click the back button on their browsers ten times to get to your homepage.

Limit your page length to just one page scroll. Blogs and articles can be longer, but no one likes to scroll down a page too far to find the information they want.

You should have navigation on your web pages that is clear, direct, and easy to use.

Small images are about the download speed more than the physical size. Beginning web designers often create web pages that would be wonderful if their images weren’t so large. It’s not okay to take a photograph and upload it to your website without resizing it and optimizing it to be as small as possible

your color scheme matches your images, and vice versa. Photos can actually be a great source of inspiration when it comes to choosing colors for your site.

Put a contact link on every page. It can be frustrating to search for contact information and not find it. Keep yours in plain sight on all pages to make it as easy for your visitors to find. After all, you do want to be contacted.

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