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Tips to Protect Your Smart Phone Battery from Explosion

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Here are 16 tips to prevent your smart phone from catching fire:











1. Use original chargers

2. Do not use your smartphone while charging

3. Use only original batteries

4. Avoid charging for long hours

5. Avoid direct sunlight

6. Get your smartphone repaired only at authorised centres

7. Never charge your phone on rough or unequal surfaces

8. Do not use for charging the power strip extension cord in your phone.

9. Do not use physically-damaged batteries

10. Remove cases while charging

11. Do not keep your phone under pillow or bed

12. Avoid charging phones near water

13. Do not hit your batteries with a nail, hammer etc.

14. Do not charge near flammable objects

15. Unplug your phone when it’s charged

16. Do not leave your phone in a hot car

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