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tmux is a software like screen. It allow you to have multiple terminal session. You can install tmux on ubuntu with command

apt install tmux

When you use tmux commands from within tmux, you need to switch to command mode like you do in vim, this is done by pressing key


Now you can enter key binds

Split window vertically%
Split window horizontal
new windowc

tmux Commands

List all sessionstmux ls
Attach to a sessiontmux a
List Commandstmux list-commands
List Keybindstmux list-keys

List All sessions

root@hon-vpn:~# tmux ls
0: 1 windows (created Mon Mar 27 04:31:44 2017) [204x61]
2: 1 windows (created Wed Jun  7 16:38:58 2017) [204x61]

To reconnect to a session, use “tmux a” command. In this example, we reconnect to session 2.

tmux a -t 2

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