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Top 3 free WordPress page builder plugins

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Page Builder by SiteOrigin

The Page Builder plugin is a completely free option that incorporates WordPress widgets to help you build and modify responsive page designs. Since the plugin uses widgets, it is easy for beginners to learn. Besides, it doesn’t do much to change the interface of your WordPress dashboard.

The live editing is wonderful for seeing your changes immediately, and the history tab works well for scrolling back to see all of your changes. So if you make a mistake, you can just go back and do it over again.

Get started with SiteOrigin page builder

You can check the video tutorial here


Elementor is one of the best free visual page builders, as well as detailed control over every single element on your pages. With its quick drag and drop builder, you can make instant page edits from the frontend of your site. Elementor is well-known for its high speed performance, which makes it fun and easy to build with.

You can then drag and drop widgets from the left panel to your section. Elementor comes with tons of widgets including most commonly used website elements.

From basic image and text widgets to advanced accordions, sliders, testimonials, icons, social media, tabs, etc. Each widget comes with its own settings.

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Live Composer

Live Composer, a free front-end page builder plugin for WordPress will make your life lot easier and help you create custom pages for your site with ease.This Live Composer WordPress plugin is another such amazing tool that will help you to create great looking modern pages without a single line of coding.

Live Composer plugin comes with over 30 modules which are created for different functionality, from blog to testimonials you will get an option for almost anything you need on your site.And the best part is that you can customize each module, according to your need. You can simply drag the module and customize it as per your requirement.

Get started with live composertoday

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