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Get access to Cpanel/WHM using whmapi1

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whmapi1 is a command line tool in cpanel server, that can be used for many WHM API call.

To get WHM access to an account using root SSH, run

whmapi1 create_user_session user=root service=whostmgrd locale=en

Getting Cpanel Access from root SSH

whmapi1 create_user_session user=USERNAME service=cpaneld locale=en

Replace USERNAME with your user name.


[root@server78 ~]# whmapi1 create_user_session user=hoston service=cpaneld locale=en
  cp_security_token: /cpsess2861136544
  expires: '1490648623'
  locale: en
  service: cpaneld
  session: hoston:eizCyj88xF0Bp0t2:create_user_session,2a323820e26953b958038712601c43b5
  command: create_user_session
  reason: Created session
  result: 1
  version: 1
[root@server78 ~]# 

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