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Acer has made a hat, for selfies

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Acer has made a hat, for selfies. No joke. It’s described as a “one-of-a-kind couture” hat too.

Acer UK worked on the hat, called Acer Selfie-Hat, naturally, with fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis. It looks like a glittery sombrero, spins 360 degrees, and has an integrated Acer Iconia A-1 840 tablet. A case dangles from the hat, and you spin the hat and angle the tablet to shoot selfies.

If you think it looks like something Lady Gaga would wear, than you’re probably right. Acer said it has “already” created outfits and dressed the likes of Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, and Leah McFall.

“Whilst slowly moving the screen from left to right, not only does the selfie sombrero help the user finding their best angle, but also how to understand lighting, how various expressions can change your face and ultimately create the perfect social media moment,” Acer explained in a press release.

Interestingly, you can only get Acer’s hat through appointment. It will be on display at the Christian Cowan-Sanluis fashion presentation during London Fashion Week on 12 September, when interested buyers can get an introduction to the hat as well as a consultation from Cowan-Sanluis.

“Users can access any apps such as Facebook or Instagram whilst wearing the hat – being on social media never looked so glamorous,” Acer added.

No word yet on pricing, but choice in colours include pink and…pink.

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