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How to Hide Bind Version

To view bind version, run command It shows bind version 9.9.4-RedHat-9.9.4-51.el7 To hide bind version, edit named.conf You need to add Inside your options block. Now restart bind Verify bind version changed with command

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Install PHP 7.0 on CentOS 7 Server

To install PHP 7 on CentOS 7 server, install epel and remi repository. Install PHP 7 from remi repository. Enable remi-php70 Restart apache Edit php.ini to your requirement PHP CentOS 7

Disable MySQL Strict Mode

To disable MySQL strict mode, edit my.cnf file Find something like following. Replace with Now restart MySQL Verify MySQL Strict Mode To verify if you are running MySQL on strict mode or not, run If MySQL is not running under

Apache Limit Access to a folder

I was working on a site that have “cache” folder inside DocumentRoot of Apache. Since this is a cache folder used by the PHP application, it need to be writable by apache user. We need to prevent access to this


Load Balancing with Haproxy

Haproxy is an open source load balancer software. If you have large site running on multiple web server, haproxy helps to to balance load between these web servers. To install haproxy on Ubuntu, run Haproxy config file is located

ISPConfig Free Hosting Control Panel

ISPConfig Free Hosting Control Panel

ISPConfig DNS Error ISPConfig is a free Open Source control panel. Port used by ISPConfig 8080. Web sites are stored in folder Here is an example folder structure Each site have following folder structure See Free Hosting Control Panels

Benchmarking Web Server with ab

ab is a tool for benchmarking web servers. It generate large amount of concurrent requests to a web site, simulating high traffic. This helps you identify how many visitors your web server able to handle. Here we generate 30 concurrent

Putty Windows SSH Client

Convert Putty PPK file to Linux

ppk is format used to store private key by popular windows ssh client Putty. This do not work on Linux, if you want to use .ppk file to connect to remote server from Linux machine, you need to convert it