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BizHat file hosting listed on

BizHat Free file hosting got listed on free file hosting directory at You can post your review about bizhat file hosting at

Uploading files to BizHat File Hosting using FTP

BizHat File Host now allow users to upload files using FTP software. See the video tutorial on how to upload files using Free FTP software FileZilla. Uploading Files with FTP

File Hosting with FTP Upload

BizHat File Hosting added FTP support for users to upload files. Now registered users can upload files using FTP software. FTP Server: FTP User: same as account user name FTP Password: same as account password User name and password

fileburn use nginx

I have recently posted about a big file host uses nginx as web server. Today i found another file host having same problem. This site don’t have much traffic, i checked it as i found the site is for

optimizing lighttpd for file hosting

On one of my server, i have 50 Mbps unmetered connection, but maximum bandwidth the server was able to push was 30 Mbps average. After some search i found this is due to i use “linux-sendfile” as This is

lighttpd upgraded to 1.5

I have upgraded lighttpd 1.4 to latest 1.5 version. lighttpd-1.5.0 – a light and fast webserver Build-Date: Apr 6 2008 17:06:07 After the upgrade, server load is 50% less now. [root@server24 lighttpd]# uptime 17:31:16 up 3 days, 15:49, 1 user, use nginx web server

Popular file sharing web site use nginx web server. I don’t find much download links from this site, most of the links i found are from rapidshare. But this one is getting popular and already have an Alexa

Make Money for Sharing Files

BizHat File Host pays you to upload files and sharing with your friends.  You will get $1 for just sign up for free file hosting.  Refer your friends you free file hosting service, you will get $0.1 for each friend

BizHat Free File Hosting started Free File Hosting service. Allow users to upload files and share with others.

Get Paid to upload and Share files from Ziddu

Yesterday I just joined up another File Hosting site to host any of my files, named as Ziddu. The most interesting thing about this site is that we’ll get paid for sharing any files we’ve uploaded there. The site has