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XenServer is a commercial virtualization platform Citrix. There is open source version of Xen Virtualization available. Managing XenServer To manage Xen Server, you need to download and install XENCENTER. This is a windows software. If you are using Linux,

Access OpenVZ Virtual Machine from Node

To get List all of running OpenVZ Virtual machine, run Example To connect to any of the Virtual machines, all you need to do is Example Now you are inside the VM. You can run all commands or even change


Installing OpenVz vzctl – OpenVZ Commands vzlist Access OpenVZ Virtual Machine from Node OpenVZ BC proc entries OpenVZ VPS Creation Error – The ploop image can not be used on ext3 or ext4


virt-builder allows you to quickly create virtual machine images. It is part of libguestfs. To create a virtual machine, run This will create a virtual machine image with name fedora-23.img in current directory with password 123456. Now you can


virt-install OS variant does not exist virst-install allow you to create KVM or Xen virtual servers. To install virt-install on CentOS, run To create a KVM Virtual Machine from command line, run virt-install \ –name testVM \ –ram 4096 \


virsh is used to manage virtual machines using libvirt. To list all running vm run, virsh list Example boby@hon-pc-01:~$ virsh list Id Name State —————————————————- 1 kali running boby@hon-pc-01:~$ List all Virtual Machines “virsh list –all” command will list all

Mounting KVM qcow2 image

To mount qcow2 virtual machine image, you need to install qemu-nbd. On Ubuntu, run Load the kernel module with command For testing, we download Fedora 25 gcow2 image Lets check the file details Lets mount it on device /dev/nbd0 You

Find VNC port of a KVM Virtual machine in SolusVM

To find VNC port of a KVM Virtual machine in SolusVM, first get the Node ID from SolusVM Virtual server details page. Here the VM ID is kvm120, now to find VNC password, login to the server (Node) that host

Stopping Docker Container

docker ps give you list of running docker containers. To stop a container, run Example


baseimage-docker is a minimal Ubuntu based docker image. It is available as open source from Unlike most other docker images, baseimage-docker allow you to run multiple process i a docker image, that is more like a Virtual Machine. You