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Different template for specific categories in wordpress

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Created different template for Webdesign Portfolio page at

By creating templates for categories you can add specific features on category pages. For example, you can allow users to subscribe to categories, add category images, show category description and choose a different layout for each category.

WordPress has a template hierarchy that is used to find which template file to use.Now lets assume that you have a category called ‘webbesign’ with the category-slug ‘webbesign’ and you want to display this category differently than others. To do that, you need to create a template for that particular category.

Download category.php from wp-content/themes/YOURTHEME, then copy all the contents of category.php and paste them in a text editor like Notepad. Save this file as category-webbesign.php and upload the file to your theme directory.

Now any changes you make to this template will only appear in this particular category’s archive page.

More details at

We can do the same by using the Custom Category Template plugin

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