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Facebook Adds View Counter to Videos

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On this sunday, the social network announced that Facebook videos will soon look a bit more like YouTube content with the addition of a counter that lets users track how many times a video has been viewed.

Facebook spokeperson said the new video count feature would count multiple views by the same person. Facebook has been pushing video sharing on social media a lot, both in advertisements and in clips uploaded by individuals. The number of views that videos get on Facebook grew by 50 percent from May to July, said the social media giant in a blog post.

Video is becoming increasingly important to Facebook. The company reported Monday that since June, it has tallied over a billion video views per month. While that’s an impressive number, it’s still dwarfed by YouTube, which claims to have 1 billion unique users that watch over 6 billion hours of video each month. YouTube doesn’t provide exact views per month, but given those figures, it’s likely much higher than the 1 billion Facebook tallies.

Still, Facebook has an advantage over YouTube in one area: mobile viewership. The company reported Sunday that 65 percent of its video views now occur on mobile devices. YouTube’s video views stand at 40 percent on mobile, according to the video site’s statistics page.

The addition of video views is just the latest in a line of improvements made to Facebook’s videos. Last year, Facebook added an auto-play feature that would automatically start a clip as people scrolled through their news feeds. Facebook also tweaked its video rankings earlier this year. The company says it’s now working on a feature that would suggest videos to users after watching a related clip.

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