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Free HELM Control Panel Licence

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WHA started offering Free HELM control panel license for up to 5 domains.
This is very good offer for those who need to test HELM.
When i first got HELM on my Windows server, i have a 30 day test installation on my computer.
With this 5 domain license, you can run test HELM installation on your local computer or on server as long as you wish.
As for buying a license, HELM is really costly. It cost $899 per license. I have my own two license. When i but i do not pay that much, it only cost me some $200.
But now they increased the price, if i need to upgrade my license, i have to pay 50% of license fee. That is some $400 for both my HELM license. That is really bad, you have to pay every year.
HELM is taking advantage of their market monopoly, i strongly wish other Hosting Control software like come to market actively with special offers.
If you need a HELM license, it is better to buy a dedicated server from data center, they offer HELM for $15 per month. That is lot cheaper than getting directly from HELM.

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