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Moving your Helm licence to another server

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Do you want to move your Helm licence to a different server? Maybe you have just migrated your Helm build over to another server and want to get it working with your existing licence. Or maybe you want to just use the licence on a new server in order to get it up and running correctly. In any case, the licence control is in your hands – all you need to do is reset it.
Simply log into the Members Area of our site using your WHA account number and password.
Click on “View Your Product Licences” to see a list of licences in your account.
Click on the Licence Key that needs resetting.
Click the “Reset” button.
Your licence is now reset. All you need to do now is to put the licence into the Helm Configuration Tool of the server you want to use the licence with and enter it, then click the Update Now button. The licence has now been successfully moved!

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