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Google Begins Rolling Out In-App Purchase Price Range Policy In The Play Store

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Google Play

Google’s Play Store has seen some major changes recently and especially in terms of their rules towards how apps are now to be listed. Back on September 18th it was reported Google was implementing an ‘address required’ by developers who list their apps on the Play Store. This policy meant all developers would have to list an actual physical address which was connected to their apps. A day later it was also reported that Google were introducing a price-range for IAPs (in-app purchases). In short this change meant apps would have to list the prices of IAPs on the app’s Play Store listing. This in effect would give potential buyers a clearer image of what they are actually buying. An app might claim to be free but once downloaded and opened, users could find themselves paying almost anything for the actual features they were expecting or to continue gameplay. Both new policies were expected to be implemented on September 30th.

The utility is rather mixed, as there is no specific breakdown by line item of upgrade costs. For example, EA’s FIFA 15 Ultimate Team lists a price range from $0.99 to $99.99, with the latter hopefully getting you some seriously dominating players.

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