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Create a Youtube channel trailer with Android app

As we all know that a channel trailer is used to provide a preview of what your YouTube channel can offer to convince viewers to subscribe. Today I created 18 second trailer for HostOnNet Youtube Channel. You can watch it

How to create Youtube Intro with Android app

I have created Youtube Intro for HostOnNet Youtube Channel with Legend Android app.

Google Play Music subscribers get access to YouTube Music Key

When YouTube Music Key was announced a couple of days ago, we came to understand that subscribers would also get access to Google Play Music’s streaming service. Well, it looks like as if it’ll work the other way, too: Google

YouTube plans to offer an ad-free subscription package

As we knows, the preroll ads on YouTube videos really annoys everyone, there’s some good news – the Google-owned service could one day let you pay to switch them off. At an event held in California yesterday, YouTube CEO Susan

8-Year-Old Makes $1.3 Million from YouTube

Evan is the kid behind EvanTubeHD, which is a family-friendly YouTube channel where Evan (and occasionally his sister or mom) reviews toys and video games. And Evan rakes in $1.3 million a year from posting his toy reviews to YouTube.

YouTube adds minute-by-minute analytics

YouTube has added new real-time reporting to its analytics dashboard that provides view counts down to the minute for your videos. By default, the new dashboard section shows your last five published videos, but you can search for older videos.

YouTube for Android debuts offline video playback in India

Google will soon allow Android users in India to download YouTube videos and watch them offline. The announcement was made alongside its first ‘Android One’ smartphones, a new initiative designed to give users a premium, Google-driven experience at cheaper price-points.

What happens when you drop a cinder block on an iPad

Sure, it’s got a sleek design and a user-friendly operating system, but just how durable is the Apple iPad? We put the touchscreen gadget through three challenges to find out how much it can really take.

“World’s scariest selfie” on You Tube

Three students in Hong Kong have posted a stomach-churning selfie taken from the very top of a skyscraper. Billed as the “World’s scariest selfie” on You Tube, the video shows Daniel Lau and two friends atop a towering skyscraper eating

The Best and funniest Viral Babies in Youtube

MTS Internet Baby Full Version A newborn baby grabs a nurse’s phone to take a selfie seconds after being born – in an hilarious viral video hit for advertising an internet provider. The advert for company 3GS shows a husband