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How to get your site listed in search engines

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While many options exist to help you increase web presence and market a web site, this brief list of web-marketing basics goes over some of the more useful and widely-trusted tactics.

Search Engine Optimization:

Most search engines today work as spiders, crawling links on the internet. In other words, they read web pages, looking for links to other web pages. The more links they find to a web page the more important that page must be. There is often no need to submit your site to them if other people link to your site, because the spiders will follow them to you. If you don’t have other folks linking to your site, then submitting to the major search engines is still a good way to get the spiders started.

Quality Content:

The best way to get people to link to your site is to provide useful content,thing you can do to attract a steady stream of visitors is to provide a steady stream of interesting content that other people will use, read, and link to regularly.

META Tags:

You’ve probably heard a lot about putting keywords into your meta tags to get search engines to list you.Though hidden, search engine spiders value these tidbits of code. Because of this, your META tags should be carefully crafted. Most search engines ignore meta keywords now, but do use meta description as the snippet of page content in search results.If you do use meta-tags then you need to make sure they really match your content – otherwise search engines might get the idea that you’re trying to cheat.

Social Media:

Creating a Facebook Fan page and a Twitter account can help you create the global link popularity that is essential to high SEO rankings, as well as help you target specific user demographics. The more attention your sites receive, ie: the more people are talking about it, the more credibility this can give your site for specific search terms. Social media is not the Be All End All to get a higher ranking, but it certainly helps. You can learn more about social media for building traffic and ranking,Word of mouth is a great form of advertising, and with todays social media networks and heavy social media usage from users, it can also be a cheap and reliable way to bring much needed traffic to your website.


Many search engines consider the number of incoming links to a site a good indicator of that site’s importance. In other words, when other sites—especially other higher-ranked sites—link to your site, the higher your site’s ranking will go.

Submit URL:

Most search engines offer the option to submit your site. Here are the main URLs:


Three Steps to Search Engine Optimization

So, to conclude, there are three main aspects to SEO.

a) Start with your code: you need to optimize your code to make it easy for the search engine to see what your page is about.

b)bNext you need content: make your site worth linking to, and finally:

c)Get people linking to you!

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