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How to Make Your Smart Phone Battery Last Longer

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Going to sleep, or it’s after business hours then turning your phone off is the easiest way to save battery life.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are power-hungry features so disable them when they’re not in use.

Switch the vibrate function off on your phone, using just the ring tone. The vibrate function uses additional battery power. Keep the ring tone volume as low as possible.

With a smartphone, avoid using moving or animated pictures or videos for your background. Animated backgrounds will drain the battery faster.

Turn off your phone’s back light. The back light is what makes the phone easier to read in bright light or outside. However, the light also uses battery power. If you can get by without it, your battery will last longer. If you have to use the back light, many phones will let you set the amount of time to leave the back light on. Shorten that amount of time. Usually, one or two seconds will be sufficient. Some phones have an ambient light sensor, which can turn off the back light in bright conditions and enable it in darker ones.

Stop searching for a signal. Your phone will continually search for a signal in areas with poor reception. Either turn the phone off, switch it to airplane mode or think about purchasing a signal amplifier for better reception in dead zones.

Do not follow the method of full charge and full discharge. Avoid letting your cell phone’s battery run all the way down.

Keep it out of the heat: Don’t leave your phone in a hot car or anywhere with hot temperatures if it can be avoided. There is an optimum temperature range cell phones function at.

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