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Install Docker on CentOS 6

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Lets Download latest docker binary.


chmod 755 docker-latest
mv docker-latest /usr/local/bin/docker

Start Docker Server

docker -d &

Download ubuntu docker image

[root@cl-439 ~]# docker pull ubuntu
INFO[0178] POST /v1.18/images/create?fromImage=ubuntu%3Alatest 
INFO[0178] +job pull(ubuntu, latest)                    
INFO[0178] +job resolve_repository(ubuntu)              
INFO[0178] -job resolve_repository(ubuntu) = OK (0)     
INFO[0178] +job trust_update_base()                     
INFO[0178] -job trust_update_base() = OK (0)            
INFO[0179] +job trust_key_check(/library/ubuntu)        
INFO[0179] -job trust_key_check(/library/ubuntu) = OK (0) 
INFO[0179] Image manifest for ubuntu:latest has been verified 
latest: Pulling from ubuntu
e118faab2e16: Already exists 
7e2c5c55ef2c: Already exists 
e04c66a223c4: Already exists 
fa81ed084842: INFO[0179] +job log(pull, ubuntu:latest, )              
INFO[0179] -job log(pull, ubuntu:latest, ) = OK (0)     
fa81ed084842: Already exists 
Digest: sha256:738edd684282277c07f23277718e43562daf2ee210f7aca9a13fae65f0159ddd
Status: Image is up to date for ubuntu:latest
[root@cl-439 ~]# 

Start Docker Container

docker run -i -t ubuntu /bin/bash

When i run docker, i get following error on CentOS

FATA[0000] Error response from daemon: Cannot start container ef50fadd54129e442fcfec1ca955dc35814ca92091db5691d6b3ab7a7b4c902a: [8] System error: mountpoint for cgroup not found

This is fixed by installing libcgroup.

yum install libcgroup
service cgconfig start

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