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Librem 5 Crowdfunded Linux Phone

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Librem 5 is a crowdfunded linux based phone that focus on security and privacy. Phone will be based on popular Linux Distribution Debian offers world’s first ever IP-native mobile handset, using end-to-end encrypted decentralized communication.

As of today, the campaign have raised $866,884 out of $1,500,000 funding goal. This is a all or none type campaign, if funding goal is not reached in next 23 days, none of the backers will be charged.

Preciously Canonical, makers of popular Debian based linux distribution Ubuntu tried to crowd fund linux based phone, it was not successful. It is good to see more such initiatives are taken. Even if it take several try, one day there will be a Linux based phone. I like to see a phone, that you can update like updating Linux PC with yum, apt etc.. even better a rolling release.

Backing Librem 5 starts at $20. You can see more details on web site at

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