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Microsoft Band fitness tracker device for $199

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microsoft-bandThe Microsoft Band will launch in Microsoft stores and online Today, October 30, for $199. As was rumored, the band features an elongated display that can track sleep, exercise and display notifications from your smartphone. The Microsoft Band is definitely more of a fitness tracker than a traditional smartwatch, though, packing 10 sensors to track things like heart rate, sun exposure and a galvanic skin response sensor that knows when you’re stressed.

The wrist-worn device has sensors that monitor pulse rate, measure calorie burn and track sleep quality, Microsoft said in a blog post.

Apple Inc unveiled a smart watch on Sept. 9 that will combine health and fitness tracking with communications and will go on sale in early 2015, while Samsung Electronics Co unveiled its Galaxy Gear smart watch in September 2013. The Apple Watch will be priced at $349.

Microsoft also launched a health app called “Microsoft Health” that includes a cloud service for users to store and combine health and fitness data.

The Microsoft Health app will collect data from the fitness band and will work on iPhones and Android smartphones, as well as its own Windows Phone.

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