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My hard disk is about to die

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It first started a month back. My computer stoped booting. On booting, computer get restarted on inital stage of booting.

I tried rescue console, but it do not show the C drive.

Then i reinstall windows on a second drive on the hard disk, during the install, windows reported hard disk error and need a disk check. The disk check fixed problem with the drive.

So i continue using the old windows installation as it have lot of software installed.

2 days back, while browsing, computer got stuck. A tick, tick like sound started on the hard disk. After some time computer get restarted.  I have run a disk check on reboot, it take long time, 1 hour or more to finish the disk checking.

After the disk check, i continue using the same windows installation. I thought about start using the windows installation on second hard disk. But need many software installed like freeproxy, subversion, mysql, apache, mail enable and much more.

Yesterday windows again started showing problem. This time, i descided to start using the new windows installation from second hard disk. It is one day work, but got everything almost working now.

I have smartertools disk checking program installed on the pc, it reported some 120 errors.

I just found

Dowloaded the program, going run it on the failing hard disk to see what it says.

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