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Proxychains – Route Traffic through proxy

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proxychains is a command line program that allows you to route traffic through proxy. proxychains support all types of proxy servers. You can configure proxy servers in browser like firefox, but not all applications support proxy configurations, proxychains help you to run such applications using proxy server.

proxychains is a very small program. Only require 19.6 kB download. It is written in C. Official web site is at

Install Proxychains

To install proxychains on Ubuntu/Debian, run

sudo apt install proxychains

Configure proxychains

You need to add your proxy servers to /etc/proxychains.conf before you can use proxychains.

sudo vi /etc/proxychains.conf

You need to add proxy servers in following format to end of the file.

socks5	1080	lamer	secret
http	8080	justu	hidden
socks4	1080
http	8080	

Running Application through proxychains

To run firefox using proxychains, run

proxychains firefox

To SSH to remote server using proxychains, this may needed if remote server only access SSH access from whitelisted IP addresses.

proxychains /usr/bin/ssh -p 3333 [email protected]

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