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Upload files to Amazon S3 from Linux Command Line

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Amazon provide awscli command line tool to upload files from Linux command line to Amazon S3.

This is a python package, so you need pip installed for installing awscli, if you dont have pip installed, install it with

curl "" -o ""

Now install awscli with

pip install awscli

To configure aswcli, you need to create a new Amazon Identity, that give you AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key.

When creating user, give it full access to Amazon S3.

root@server2 [~]# aws configure
AWS Secret Access Key [None]: R90YcLbwwr5+54Nok6ki5oi+28D6vRQGFuUTaq1w
Default region name [None]: us-west-2
Default output format [None]: 
root@server2 [~]# 

To upload files, you need to create a S3 Bucket, in this case, i created bucket with name bkjoe.

For uploading single file, run

root@server2 [~]# aws s3 cp /home/cpmove-windowwa.tar.gz s3://bkjoe
upload: ../home/cpmove-windowwa.tar.gz to s3://bkjoe/cpmove-windowwa.tar.gz
root@server2 [~]# 

To upload a folder and all files inside, run

root@server2 [~]# aws s3 cp /backup/deleted-on-2016-04 s3://bkjoe/deleted-on-2016-04/  --recursive
upload: ../backup/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-blindsma.tar.gz to s3://bkjoe/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-blindsma.tar.gz
upload: ../backup/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-diyshutt.tar.gz to s3://bkjoe/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-diyshutt.tar.gz
upload: ../backup/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-floridab.tar.gz to s3://bkjoe/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-floridab.tar.gz
upload: ../backup/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-springfi.tar.gz to s3://bkjoe/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-springfi.tar.gz
upload: ../backup/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-theblin.tar.gz to s3://bkjoe/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-theblin.tar.gz
upload: ../backup/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-wlndowco.tar.gz to s3://bkjoe/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-wlndowco.tar.gz
upload: ../backup/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-yourblin.tar.gz to s3://bkjoe/deleted-on-2016-04/cpmove-yourblin.tar.gz
root@server2 [~]# 

awscli can do more than S3. To find more about awscli, read

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