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Adding New Server to R1Soft Backup

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Before you can backup a machine using Backup, you need to add the Machine to Server Backup Manager.

Login to R1Soft Server Backup Manager SE > Protected Machines > New Machine

Add New Server in R1Soft Backup Manager

On Next page, you need to enter server details.

r1soft backup manager new server

On this page

Machine Name => This can be any name, just to identify the server.

Hostname / IP => IP of the server you need to backup.

Port Number => is the port on which r1soft backup agent listens on, default is 1167, no need to change this. Make sure this port is open in firewall.

Backup Location > Select Volume => select a volume where you need to store the backup.

Backup Schedule > Create a backup => Hourly, backup will be taken every 1 hour.

Once added you will see the new server listed at

Server Backup Manager SE > Protected Machines

r1soft Server Backup Manager test connection

if you Test Agent connection, you will get error

r1soft Could not authenticate agent

To fix this, you need to add r1soft backup server key to agent.

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