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Dropbox updates web interface for easier sharing

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File hosting service Dropbox has introduced a new ‘Share’ button to its Web interface. On the Dropbox website, logged in users will now see a new sharing button that allows you to quickly add people who are allowed to view and sync your shared files and folders with their account, and a new “send link” option for adding people with read-only access.


After clicking the new “Share” button, which now appears to the right of the file or folder in the list, the top option lets you invite people to collaborate on the files or folders with you – meaning they can view, add, edit or delete files in the folder. If you just want to let someone view a file in your Dropbox, the “send link” option will allow for that, even if the recipient doesn’t have a Dropbox account themselves. Viewers can preview the file and download a copy for themselves, but they can’t make any changes.

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