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Google and Linkedin turn their office spaces into happy zones for employees

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Companies like Google, Linkedin turns their office spaces into happy zones for employees. Linkedin even tried to import London telephone booths to be used as phone enclosures, but when it couldn’t, it used wallpaper to mimic the design.

LinkedIn India country manager Nishant Rao sits at a different area of the new Gurgaon office on various days to allow easier access to people.

The top bosses at Unilever’s IT centre in Bangalore don’t have any cabins and sit out in the open, like everyone else. Sri Lankan Rajan Anandan, the head of Google India, sits at a desk the size of everyone else’s on the work floor.

In such offices you can often see groups of people standing together and scribbling ideas on a glass wall, sometimes discussing strategy around the pool table.

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