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How to Add Google Maps in WordPress

First thing you need to do is login to your WordPress admin area and go to Plugins -> Add New.                                     Then search

How do I deleted a Review I Wrote on Google

Open Google Maps, In the top left, click the Menu. Click Your contributions Choose Reviews and next to the review click more and then click Delete

How to add a custom domain for a google site

When you create a site using Google Sites, the address will be like If you need, you can point the same to a custom url like For that, go to your Google Sites account and do the following:

Google Custom Search button not working ?

Today, replaced the WordPress default search with Google Custom Search in navbar . But search button was not visible after adding the code. So added new search button with help of of following CSS code For Google Custom Search code,

Store your photos to Google Photos Free and Unlimited

Google launched unlimited photo and video service called Google Photos. Google Photos is a free and unlimited storage, sharing and editing service, and it should be available today on Android, iOS and the web. However, do note that the unlimited

Google’s Chrome Beta coming with new Bookmark Manager

Google introducing a new Bookmark Manager feature with its beta version of Chrome. As per the sources, the new feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks. With the new feature, you’ll be able to select an image and

How to find Latitude/Longitude using Address with Google Map

Today i tried to add google maps in contact page using Google Maps JavaScript API v3. To add map first we need to create API key by login to Google Account at 1. Click the Services link from the

Google will give you $5 for inviting a friend to use Wallet

Google announced a money giveaway promotion to encourage Google Wallet users to invite friends to the service. Existing customers can initiate a money-send request in an amount as little as one penny. If the recipient has never created a Google

Software Removal Tool For Chrome from Google

Google recently launched a new tool in the fight against crapware and spyware, and it’s an excellent start to helping clean up a computer that has been infected with nonsense like the Ask Toolbar. Google calls is as Software Removal

Google Play Music subscribers get access to YouTube Music Key

When YouTube Music Key was announced a couple of days ago, we came to understand that subscribers would also get access to Google Play Music’s streaming service. Well, it looks like as if it’ll work the other way, too: Google