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Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain Via WHM

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1. Login to WHM Control Panel.

2. Click on ” Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain ” icon


3 . Enter the CSR into the first field.

The SSL Manager will then try to fetch the rest of the fields needed.

4. You will now need to insert the RSA key (If one was automatically fetched for you, please replace it with the one we have given you).

5. You will then need to enter your CA Bundle in the last field (If you do not enter a CA then the SSL Certificate will appear as self-signed and a warning will be shown when customers attempt to access your site securely).


If the installation is successful, WHM will display a message to indicate that the certificate installed. If the installation is unsuccessful, WHM will display an error message to indicate the problem.

The new certificate should begin to work immediately and you may view your site using https:// to confirm this

Generating a Certificate Signing Request

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