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LEDE (OpenWRT fork) released v17.01.0 final

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LEDE released v17.01.0 final. The LEDE Project (“Linux Embedded Development Environment”) is a Linux operating system based on OpenWrt. It is a complete replacement for the vendor-supplied firmware of a wide range of wireless routers and non-network devices.

You can see more details about LEDE project at

and OpenWRT at

Some selected highlights of this release are:

Linux kernel updated to version 4.4.50 (from 3.18 in Chaos Calmer)
Update of essential software:
dnsmasq updated to 2.76 (from 2.73 in Chaos Calmer)
busybox updated to 1.25.1 (from 1.23.2 in Chaos Calmer)
mbedtls version 2.4.0 (from polarssl 1.3.14 in Chaos Calmer)
openssl updated to 1.0.2k
Improved Security Features
Use SHA256 instead of MD5 to validate source code for packages
mbedtls: disable SSLv3 support
OpenSSL: disable support for compression, heartbeats, NPN,
Whirlpool, and J-PAKE

You can find full change list at

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