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Free Accounting software

Railwire FTTH vs BSNL DSL

I have been using BSNL DSL connection for last 10+ years. Before i get DSL connection, BSNL telephone connection was using 2 copper wire cable. When they started giving DSL, i have applied for connection. Had to wait like 1

New PC

Here is some useful resources when building new assembled computer. – Allows you to chose different components. Some good configurations available at To check benchmark score for a CPU, check TomsHardware have several builds for different price

Free Open Source Live Chat Software

LiveHelperChat is an Open source – Live Support chat for your website. Web and desktop clients. Co-Browsing, XMPP notifications, GTalk, Jabber, Openfire, Skype, Chrome extension, Node.js support, MySQL, PostgreSQL. You can find source code in GitHub


IP WHOIS Domain Dossier – Check IP of Name Server CIDR CIDR to Netmask (for hosts.allow) IP CIDR Calculator Website Speed Test DNS Checking Ping

Clear local DNS cache on Windows PC

Go to Start Menu and Type cmd in the search box. Right click on cmd in the programs search results and choose Run as Administrator Once the command line window is open type the following command at the prompt and

Why You Should Play Games

Because they make your brain bigger People who played arcade games for at least 30 minutes per day—for just 8 weeks—showed a significant increase in grey matter according to study by the Max Planck Institute of Human Development. Best. Science.

Spam Support Tickets in WHMCS

I was getting a lot of spam tickets in my WHMCS Support Ticket System. When I checked the settings (in WHMCS under Setup > General Settings > Security tab), Captcha Type is set to reCAPTCHA (Google’s reCAPTCHA system), but the

Yahoo acquires photo app developer Cooliris

Yahoo has acquired a startup photo app-maker company Cooliris that was initially known for creating 3D wall for navigating photos and other media content. Cooliris is mostly known as the developer of a photo-aggregation app of the same name. It’s

Regin, new computer spyware, discovered by Symantec

The leading computer security experts Symantec says it has discovered one of the most sophisticated pieces of malicious software on Windows PCs across the globe, that appears to be used for spying and data collection. The bug, named ‘Regin’, the