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How to use the virus scanner in cPanel

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Login to cPanel

In the Advanced section of the cPanel home screen, click Virus Scanner.

Select scan type and click on Scan now button.

Scan Entire Home Directory − This option will scan your entire cPanel account. If you choose this option, no need to run the scan on other options. This will scan your home directory, which contains the Emails, FTP accounts and Website.

Scan Mail − This option will scan your emails for viruses. If somebody sends a malicious email having some virus or malware, this virus scanner will tell you that.

Scan Public FTP Space − This option will scan your public_ftp folder. If somebody uploaded a malicious file through FTP, virus scanner will find it.

Scan Public Web Space − This option will scan your public_html in which all your front end files reside.

If there is no virus, the result will be like

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