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How to create multiple browsers in Google Chrome

Most of the people have more than one Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo Accounts. But to open these accounts at the same time, they need to use different browsers. After reading this, you don’t need to use different browsers than

Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu

Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu Google chrome is very light weight and fast web browser. It is developed by Google. First add the google chrome repository in our system. Run following commands as root (sudo -s) Now update apt cache

Goodbye FireFox, Welcome Google Chrome

I was using Firefox for long. For extra security i used NoScriptFirefox extension. This will stop bad scripts from starting when you visit unknown or hacked web sites. I recommend anyone using firfox or google chrome use NoScript (NotScript for

Hide Firefox 20 Open Links in a New Private window

Firefox 20 added new feature, that allow you to open private browsing window in same browsing session. I don’t want this new context menu. To hide this, go to your firefox profile. You can find this by going to You