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How to remove captcha from WHMCS domain checker

We can disable captcha through Setup > General > Security Tabs will disable captcha globally. But if do this,that will increase the spam support tickets. Follow the stpes if you want to remove captcha only from Domain Checker page( Remove

How to install Apache MySQL and PHP on Cent OS 6.6

Following tutorial describes how to install Apache MySQL and PHP on a Cent OS based server. First we need to identify the version of OS using on the server. For that, login to the server as root user and run

Fatal error: Class ‘Mobile_Detect’ not found – PHP Melody

How to fix ‘Fatal error: Class ‘Mobile_Detect’ not found ” error in PHP Melody theme installation I have followed the instructions on ‘Essence User manual.pdf’ 1) Uploaded all the below files to PHP Melody website in the appropriate directories. include

Disable the php information on server for client

To disable the php information, open a servers php.ini file and make the following changes. Change from To It will prevent hacker to easily see that you have PHP installed on the system and what version you are running. You

Install PHP On CentOS

PHP is a widely used open-source general purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. To install php, open terminal and type in this command: You can install multiple libraries at once

How to Find the Location of Your php.ini File

Create a script to display your php information You’ll need to create a very simple php script and place it in your home directory. Open a text editor and create file called phpinfo.php with this code: Save the file and

How to check which Apache/PHP modules are installed?

Login via SSH to your server to run the following commands. Apache: apachectl -M Sample Output: PHP: php -m Sample Output

MediaWiki Upgrade error PHP Fatal error: Class ‘DOMDocument’ not found

When upgrading MediaWiki on, i got following error This is fixed by installing php-domxml module and restarting apache.

How to change the default timezone in PHP

The default timezone for PHP is defined in php.ini configuration file. So you will need to edit the file manually for changing it. You can find the location of your php.ini file on your server/system by running below command on experiance – account suspended for 5 bounce mail.

Recently we started loving MailGun, implemented MailGun in some of the customer projects, because it is too easy to use. Instead of using normal PHP mail() function, you use the code provided by MailGun to sent mail through MailGun servers.