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OpenSSH client Vulnerability CVE-2016-0777

OpenSSH client have a critical vlunerability, this allow compromised servers steal your private key. This is because an expeirmental feature in SSH Client, UseRoaming is enabled by default. You can find more about this bug at With latest version,

Securing your site configurations file

It is always better to move your web site configuration file outside of document root. This is because if server have an error, this can happen during server upgrades, your configuration files may become view able as plain text or

A new malware called WireLurker attacks Apple products

Recently a new malware has been detected which is targeting Apple products. The virus is called “WireLurker.” It was discovered by cyber security software maker Palo Alto Networks. WireLurker zeroes in on OS X desktop software and Apple’s iOS mobile

Facebook, Yahoo team up to keep hackers from using recycled accounts

With Yahoo recycling its email accounts by giving dormant addresses to other users, could new users of a recycled account hijack the Facebook accounts they are linked to?. Well Facebook was watching and teamed up with Yahoo to make sure

Free download – Panda Software tops AV-Test’s rankings of antivirus software

New version of Panda Antivirus Free is an evolution of first cloud antivirus, based on Collective Intelligence. It is unique system for detecting and disinfecting viruses and other threats that feeds off the knowledge shared by millions of users in

How to Use AVG Internet Security

# Open up the Antivirus # There should be something like “you are protected” on top of the window, if not, you should probably scan your computer by clicking on the “scan now” button towards the bottom left. Just wait

How to password protect a directory using cPanel.

Using the cPanel Password Protect Directory option, we can restrict users from accessing certain parts of your web site. When a user try to access the restricted folder, it will prompt for a username and password. They need to supply

SSL Certificate can get you ranked higher on Google SERP

Today google announced that it will be SSL certificate on web site as a signal for Ranking. Google want internet to be more secure, no more session hijacking and government snooping on internet communication. Most large sites on internet already

5 Ways To Prevent Your Password From Being Hacked

Do not open unfamiliar emails. If you open one you think is from someone you know but realize it’s not, delete immediately. Do not click any links in the message or send the sender personal or banking information. Once you

How to enable ClientExec debug log

Following steps will help you to enable logging in ClientExec Find ‘config.php’ file from the folder where you installed ClientExec script. Now, we need to edit below lines: define(‘LOG_LEVEL’, 1); define(‘LOG_TEXTFILE’, ‘/var/www/ce.log’); here we set 1 as the logging level,