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Create an inline subscription form with Rainmaker WordPress Plugin

One of our client using WordPress asked us ‘How to Redirect Subscribers to a new page/url after successful sign up?’ I checked his site and he was using Email Subscribers & Newsletters plugin After checking the Help & info secton

How to move WHMCS from subfolder to root folder

If you are looking to move WHMCS to new folder, this post will help you understand how to do it yourself. Yesterday I did it for a client, moved from sub folder named ‘billing’ to root. Before we move to

How to install HP LaserJet 1020 plus printer drivers in Ubuntu 16.04

For the first time, I’ve installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my PC. Previously I was using Windows 7. The printer was connected when I was using Windows and now when OS changed, I had to do following things to make it

WHMCS Template installation service

Just completed installation of Redo – WHMCS Template for client. Redo is a Fully responsive Website Template integrated in WHMCS for Web Hosting Providers with features like Custom light weight slider Unique additional pages. Awesome Login/Logout pages. Unique order form.

Error we got while doing the ffmpeg installation on CentOS 7

I used the following command to install x264 and x264 is used to encode video files in mp4, m4v, h.264 (HD) output format. and I got the following error We tried with different versions Here is the

OpenCart script and plugin installation service for new client

Yesterday got an OpenCart script + plugin installation request to our installaton department.He requested us to install Opencart Version because the plugin The ONE POS will not work with latest version. OpenCart installation was very easy but got errors

ClipBucket Requirements and Installation in Centos Server

Two days before Annie successfully installed YouTube Clone Requirements for our new client. He contacted me through and this website we created in the year 2013 for providing ffmpeg installation and ffmpeg Webhosting. Today I got another e-mail from

vBulletin 5 forum

vBulletin 5

Config file for vbulltin 5 located at Making a user Admin You can create a new user, then edit its usergroupid to 6. nvb> select userid, username, usergroupid from user where username=”hostonnet”; +——–+———–+————-+ | userid | username | usergroupid |

Installing wekan on Ubuntu 16.04

Wekan is an Open Source Trello clone written in Node.js To install Wekan on Ubuntu, first install MongoDB Next we need Node.js and npm package manager instaleld Next you need to download Wekan source code from Github, you can

Magento move site to another domain

First you need to replace old domain name with new domain name in Megento database. To see entries that have old domain name, run You will see something like Now you need to change the first two entry. This can