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lsof is a linux command to list open files. To list all files open by a process, run Example List all Connection on a Port lsof -P -iTCP List all TCP connections Device or resource busy


This page link to various windows blog posts for easy access. Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security in Windows Server First C# Program

First C# Program

I was installing .NET on a Windows 2012 R2 server, wanted to check .NET version installed. Never tried C# before. To make a C# program, open notepad or whatever text editor you have, copy following content Save it was 1.cs


baseimage-docker is a minimal Ubuntu based docker image. It is available as open source from Unlike most other docker images, baseimage-docker allow you to run multiple process i a docker image, that is more like a Virtual Machine. You

Running Docker Container

docker run command is used to run docker containers. If no docker container or image is present on your computer, docker will download it from dockerhub. To run nginx container, run -d make docker container run in background. -d, –detach

MySQL Slow Query Log

MySQL Slow Query Log i used to find SQL query that are slow. To enable Slow Query Log, add following to /etc/my.cnf file under [mysqld] section. If you don’ have folder /var/log/mysql/, create it Now restart MySQL or

Configure Network in CentOS 7 Server

To set static IP in CentOS 7 Server, edit file Find Replace with Find Replace with Add following, change IPADDRR and GATEWAY as required. Here is a diff with original ifcfg-eth0 Setting DNS resolvers Edit /etc/resolv.conf Add

Disable Laptop Keyboard in Ubuntu

HP Laptop had issue with Keyboard key getting press by itself. It started taking screen shot every now and then. Once screenshot short cut key disabled in Ubuntu keyboard setting, it started playing with scroll lock key. To disable laptop

UFW – Uncomplicated Firewall

ufw is the default firewall available with Ubuntu. It is an easy to use interface to linux iptables. By default ufw is disabled on Ubuntu. To enable, run Disable firewall To see status of firewall Allow a Port To allow

Adding KVM Template to SolusVM Server

You can download SolusVM virtual machine templates from Before you can download templates, you need to login with your SolusVM license ID. This you can find in your SolusVM installation > Configuration > Licenses For example, debian 8 KVM