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Magento sending order confirmation mail to random users

On a Magento web site, when customers place order, mail goes out to 3 users. One of the recipient is the actual buyer of the item. Other 2 random users. When sending email, magneto add it to a MySQL

WHMCS Template installation service

Just completed installation of Redo – WHMCS Template for client. Redo is a Fully responsive Website Template integrated in WHMCS for Web Hosting Providers with features like Custom light weight slider Unique additional pages. Awesome Login/Logout pages. Unique order form.

WordPress error – couldn’t create child process

Two or three month before, developed a WordPress website with Enfold theme and that day i became big fan of this clean, super flexible WordPress Theme. Enfold has so many amazing features that we can limit the need for other

How to fix File for preset ‘hq’ not found error

After the successfull Youtube Clone Requirement installation for a client, uploaded a test video and got a convert error. So verified following convert command on the server and got “File for preset ‘hq’ not found” Searched with the error ‘File

How do i fixed ‘Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied user’ error

One of the WordPress website hosted in our linux shared hosting was suspended due to payment pending. We activated the website after he paid. But when access the website its redirected to and showing We have tried the following

Error we got while doing the ffmpeg installation on CentOS 7

I used the following command to install x264 and x264 is used to encode video files in mp4, m4v, h.264 (HD) output format. and I got the following error We tried with different versions Here is the