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R1Soft Could Not Authenticate Agent

When you test connection to protected machine (agent) on R1Soft Server Backup Manager, if you get error Could not authenticate agent x.x.x.x This is because you don’t add server key in agent. To list server keys, run Example root@localhost:~# serverbackup-setup

Adding New Server to R1Soft Backup

Before you can backup a machine using Backup, you need to add the Machine to Server Backup Manager. Login to R1Soft Server Backup Manager SE > Protected Machines > New Machine On Next page, you need to enter server

Install r1Soft Backup Agent on Ubuntu

To install r1soft backup agent on Ubuntu, add r1soft repo Install Agent Once installed, verified software can connect to with Install linux-headers for your running kernal Install required kernel modules Restart r1soft agent Now you have Backup agent installed

Nginx SSL SslLabs A Rating

On Ubuntu Server with nginx, ssllabs give B rating for newly installed SSL certificate with a warning related to Diffie-Hellman. To fix this, run Edit nginx.conf and add following inside http block. Example Nginx SSL Nginx

Nginx upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream

On a wordpress blog hosted under Nginx and php-fpm, when adding new post, get 502 internal error. This is fixed by editing nginx config for the web site by adding Here is the updated nginx config

Installing wekan on Ubuntu 16.04

Wekan is an Open Source Trello clone written in Node.js To install Wekan on Ubuntu, first install MongoDB Next we need Node.js and npm package manager instaleld Next you need to download Wekan source code from Github, you can

Redirect Web Page to Another

Here are some of the methods used to redirect a web page or web site to another. Using HTML Using .htacess This will redirect entire web site to new URL To redirect single page

Generate Self Signed SSL

To create self signed SSL certificate run It will ask some questions, answer them, most of these questions are not important, other than the one it ask for domain name. View SSL Cert Details You can find info about the