How to fix SSH connection issue from WHM


If you are unable to connect to a cpanel server via ssh using port 22, resetting the ssh configuration port to alternate one will fix the issue. For doing that, login to your whm on non secure port (2086) and … Continue reading

How to install Apache MySQL and PHP on Cent OS 6.6


Following tutorial describes how to install Apache MySQL and PHP on a Cent OS based server. First we need to identify the version of OS using on the server. For that, login to the server as root user and run … Continue reading

How to change MYSQL root password in windows 7


In my last post, i shared my experience with installing MYSQL in windows 7. During the installation I set ‘root’ as MYSQL password. Now I want to change the same to ‘hostonnet’ I followed the instructions at MYSQL Documentation … Continue reading

How to install MySQL and move to new drive in Windows 7


Well today I tried to install MySQL on my computer (Windows 7 Ultimate,32 bit operating system.) by using the below instructions. 1. Download the MSI Installer from 2 . Run the MySQL installer executable file that you had downloaded. … Continue reading

MySQL Database not showing in PHPMyAdmin


Today i face a problem with mysql database missing in PHPMyAdmin. I fixed this issue by assign ownership of databases and database users to a cPanel user. Enter database username and database name then click Submit Query button. Now the … Continue reading

How to Change Hourly Email Limit in WHM

hourly email limit whm 2

Loginto WHM Control Panel. Go to Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings Select the Max hourly emails per domain setting’s text box. Enter the value that you wish to set as the server-wide limit for every domain. Click Save. … Continue reading

How to add custom widget in wordpress


WordPress widget is an easy-to-use way to add content and specific features into your website. You just need to drag and drop the widget into any widgetized area like sidebar, footer or header of your website and start using its … Continue reading

Spam Support Tickets in WHMCS


I was getting a lot of spam tickets in my WHMCS Support Ticket System. When I checked the settings (in WHMCS under Setup > General Settings > Security tab), Captcha Type is set to reCAPTCHA (Google’s reCAPTCHA system), but the … Continue reading

How to deactivate WordPress Plugins using PHPMyAdmin


We can deactivate a plugin is through your WP Admin Dashboard. What we can do if we can’t accessing the admin area ? Yes, The following situations may block you out from accessing the dashboard 1). Will show a blank … Continue reading

Spam Problem on Server30

mailenable 2

We got following spam mail report from Server Provider. I checked mail queue and disbaled’s mail box. Again we got same issue with some other domains and fixed by disabling mailbox. Before activating these account i have reseted Control … Continue reading