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How to create email account in cPanel

First, you need to login to cPanel and click on the Email Accounts icon located in the MAIL section. On the next page, fill out the form for new e-mail accounts. 1.Enter the first portion of the e-mail address. 2.


CentOS crontab: command not found

On a CentOS server, when setting up cron job, i got following error. This is because cronie package not installed. To fix, run Now you need to set crond daemon to start on boot. Now verify crond will start on


Installing Linux Malware Detect (maldet)

Linux Malware Detect (LDM) is a tool used to scan for malware. You can download Linux Malware Detect from Installing LDM LDM will be installed on folder /usr/local/maldetect/. You can run it with command maldet. Configure LDM Edit conf.maldet


KVM Windows Server 2012 Guest Portforwarding

I have a Windows Server 2012 KVM Guest on a Linux Server. Guest VM use Private IP. To access Remote Desktop of this VM from Internet, we need to make TCP and UDP port 3389 available to public. Since KVM


Quickly Sharing Files On Ubuntu

Ubuntu used to have a public folder, that you can share using Samba. Recent versions of Ubuntu do not include Samba by default, you can install it if you need to share files regularly with other computers on network.


Remote Backup Linux Server With Rsync

To Remote backup linux server with rsync, create a bash script. Create file Add following content In above code, replace following Make script executable We need to set cronjob to run the backup script. Add This will run backup script

Sending Authenticated mails from ASP.NET

The following code uses System.Net.Mail to send emails from ASP.NET applications with authentication. Front End Code (SendMail.aspx) Back End Code (SendMail.aspx.cs)



Remote Backup Linux Server With Rsync MySQL Data Directory Backup with Rsync



mysqldump command is used to take MySQL backup. Take Backup of All databases To take backup of all Databases on a MySQL server, run Take Backup of a MySQL Database To take Backup of a MySQL Database, run


Ubuntu not showing date time in top bar

When i login to ubuntu, i have no time and date displayed on top-right corner of my ubuntu top bar. First go to System Settings > Time & Date and check if Show a clock in menu bar is checked.