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ClipBucket Requirements and Installation in Centos Server

Two days before Annie successfully installed YouTube Clone Requirements for our new client. He contacted me through and this website we created in the year 2013 for providing ffmpeg installation and ffmpeg Webhosting. Today I got another e-mail from

How to install Apache MySQL and PHP on Cent OS 6.6

Following tutorial describes how to install Apache MySQL and PHP on a Cent OS based server. First we need to identify the version of OS using on the server. For that, login to the server as root user and run

Locate files owned by nobody and delete

This is very useful for locating files that have been uploaded using an exploit and are still owned by the nobody user. The below command will search all user document root for files owned by nobody and display them on

How to change my document root folder using an .htaccess file?

By default website is loaded from the public_html folder of hosting account. The public_html directory is also called document root folder. If you’ve created a test website under a sub-folder and you want it to be displayed when you type

How to Clear current session history (bash)

To clear the history, type the following command: Type the following command to remove a certain line (e.g. 890) from the Bash history file : Don’t save commands in bash history Unsetting HISTFILE will cause any commands that you have

How to Install GD Library module on cPanel/WHM Server

1. Login to your WHM as root 2. Click on Software & then click on EasyApache (Apache Update) 3. Click on ‘start customising based on profile‘ & go further with default apache & PHP configuration 4. First you will be

How to change default SSH port 22

You can change the default SSH port 22 of your server in order to make people difficult to access your server. Once you are logged in to the server as root we can begin editing the sshd_config file. 1. Open

How to Fix the “Network Unreachable Resolving” Error in CentOS

I got following error messages from /var/log/messages: Solution Login to SSH using as root user. Open the BIND parameters file in the text editor. Add the OPTIONS=”-4″ parameter at the end of the file. Save the file and restart BIND.

How to find the biggest files or directories on Linux

How to find the biggest files or directories on Linux The best way to find large files or directories on your Linux system is to use the command line. It will print the top-15 biggest files located in the current

How to install openssl in Ubuntu

To install the OpenSSL, install the openssh package. To get openssl version, run below command